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 This is page under construction . Soon to be offering  Reiki and Intuitive healing .

ReiKi (pronounced Ray-Kee ) is a Japanese  word  meaning “ Universal Life Energy “ , the universal life force from which all things are made .

 Reiki is a modern method of natural healing   which comes from Ancient discipline.

Some times Reiki is referred to as the usul system of Natural healing.

A Reiki practitioner draws forth the universal life force that constantly surrounds us and transfers this energy to the patient through energy centers in the palms of the practitioner’s hands.

 This energy is experienced Physically as a warmth or tingling.

People of all ages can use Reiki as it relates to all health issues. Reiki is for Mind, body and spirit.

Reiki Is thought to have originated in Tibet thousands of years ago.

 The Tibetan monks mastered the science and art of tapping into the Universal life force for their use in healing and self-transformation eventually leading to spiritual enlightenment.

It was taught only to a selected and disciplined few.

Reiki  Dr. Mikao Usul, a theological scholar and teacher, discovered Reiki. Who in the mid 1880’s after responding to a challenge from several of his graduate students undertook an extensive study of healing phenomena relating to some of history’s greatest spiritual leaders. In Buddhist writings, he found information about Reiki healing technique and spent the latter part of his life applying, modifying and teaching this knowledge.

Reiki   was brought to the western world in 1938 by Mrs . Hawayo Takata. Since then Millions have received Reiki worldwide.

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