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Born an old soul, Debra began to express herself through painting from  a  young age. She saw the world differently than most and yearned for a gentler, kinder place for all. The world she created with art reflected that yearning and helped her through many challenging times. 

Self guided, she explored many mediums throughout her life including oils, watercolour, charcoal and pencil and  many more today . She found aliveness and immense joy through her creations. With a growing love for the gift of art she began to uncover the healing capacity that art can be. 

In her adult life she took formal training in design and sculpture, always seeking to grow her talents and explore new mediums. Debra also dived deeper into healing through spirituality, Reiki and Access Bars looking for ways to bring these capacities together as she healed herself and many of those around her. 

She has made her unique and powerful works of art accessible to people all over the world hoping to touch the lives of many to create that gentler and kinder world she always knew was possible. 

With spirit and paint in hand Debra encourages everyone to let a little art into their lives. Through play and exploration it might just be the doorway to heal, release and uncover the possibilities available to us all.

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