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  Do you have a vision you would love painted? Or a Special Animal, Spirit guide, or a pet, an Angel? Contact me and we can discuss your vision and I will paint it for you!

Thanks for submitting!

Commission sizes or choose a special size upon request: 

9x12 special  Paper  = 151.11
18x24 special Art paper =451.11
22x30 special Art paper = 501.11
14x18 Canvas =351.11
16x20 Canvas =401.11
20x34 Canvas =  601.11
36x48 Canvas = 2001.111

Paint Brushes


  Art Requests from  friends and Family

Pearls House.jpg
Screen Shot 2021-12-09 at 3.16.15 PM.png

This is a Painting I did for  Pearl on her wall in her  hall

This is a drum I painted For Shaynee yrs ago

This was a trunk Pearl asked me to do for her daughter

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